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Popular Abuja Chef Reportedly Strangled To Death

Popular Abuja Chef Reportedly Strangled To Death

Popular Abuja-based chef, Emeka Vincent-Eloagu has been found dead in his Abuja home on Saturday night.

According to sources, the professional cook was murdered in his home by yet-to-be-identified visitors on Saturday night.

Chef Emeka of Abuja’s body was discovered by his wife, reports say. According to another report, the visitors were two males of which one of them was a close acquaintance of the chef.

A source told DNB Stories Africa:

“It’s very sad. The security man in the compound said one of the visitors suspected to have killed him was a familiar face to his house.”

Further reports say the killers injected Chef Emeka with a lethal substance and then strangled him.

“It was two men. The left his body tied up and naked,” another source told DNB Stories Africa.

The deceased was the head chef of Hélène’s Food Company, an Abuja-based gourmet food company serving both Nigerian and French cuisine. He was known on Instagram as @chefemeka.

Source: Business Guide Africa

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