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Reasons For Not Getting Botox In The UK – Uriel


Reasons For Not Getting Botox In The UK – Uriel

Uriel Oputa, a former housemate on BBNaija, has revealed why she was turned down for threadlifting and Botox in the UK.

The chef claimed that despite her advanced age, it was because of her youthful, firm skin.

Uriel revealed on her Instagram story that she was denied a Botox treatment that would have temporarily paralyzed some of her face’s muscles in order to eliminate wrinkles.

In an effort to seem younger, she also sought a thread lift to treat her aged and sagging skin. The BBNaija actress was warned, nevertheless, that the treatment would not work on her skin type and that she should give up on the notion.

Her words: “I have been Rejected from doing Botox in the Uk I also wanted to do a thread lift But the lady said my skin is way too tight already She was shocked to learn my age. Not knocking anyone but right now if you are using Organic or bleaching cream your stripping away important skin layers Which are useful for fighting skin diseases and aging. When you use these creams ask your self why you get spots or dark patches., You would be surprised how eat healthy drinking water and taking vitamins will transform you from inside out.”

Botox is a drug prepared from botulin, used medically to treat certain muscular conditions and cosmetically to remove  wrinkles by temporarily  paralysing  facial muscles.

This treatment can also address sweating, eye problems and other issues.

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