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Rema Writes Words Of Comfort To Fans Dealing With Depression


Rema Writes Words Of Comfort To Fans Dealing With Depression

Rema, current rave lord, wrote words of comfort to a fan who revealed he was suffering from depression.

Last night, the singer used his official Instagram page to engage with fans, and Rema answered his questions about his age, occupation, and pet nuisance.

He was asked by a fan of Rema how he could help someone who is depressed. Without hesitation, Rema wrote him a long letter of comfort and asked how he would deal with this particular situation.

Rema wrote:

“Sometimes it’s just your soul not resonating with your current personality, it’s like a conflict within you. It needs you to change or evolve. Sometimes you’ve dwelled in an environment that has dampened your energy and state of mind for too long.

Sometimes your mind has nothing to ponder upon to orate a view of the future for you, so Iv new things Read, watch videos and educate your mind. If it creates an illusion for you, it just wants to be busy
Sometimes Jim just needs to vent, most times you’ll answer your own questions when you vent.
Hopefully, this helps, stay strong brother”

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