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Reps Seek Six-Year Tenure For President And Rotation Among Zones


Reps Seek Six-Year Tenure For President And Rotation Among Zones

The 1999 Constitution should be amended, according to 35 members of the House of Reps, to permit the President to alternate between the nation’s six geopolitical zones.

They also demand a constitutional revision that will allow the President and Governors of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to serve for a single six-year term.

Ikenga Ugochinyere, a member of the Ideato South/Ideato North Federal Constituency in Imo State, addressed on behalf of the group during a news conference in the National Assembly in Abuja on Monday, June 10.

He said, “The bill is also seeking a reduction in government spending and wastage, efficiency in governance, and national stability by providing a single term of six years for the President and Governors.”

The organisation demanded that two vice presidents be appointed, one from each of Nigeria’s northern and southern regions.

“The 1st vice shall be a succession Vice president, while the 2nd Vice president shall be a Minister in charge of the Economy, and both shall be Ministers,” he said.

According to him, among other things, the bill would try to change the pertinent parts of the Electoral Act to guarantee that all state and federal elections took place on the same day.

The legislator claimed that if the plan is passed into law, it will guarantee that all elections and lawsuits pertaining to elections be resolved in a six-month period.

He asserts that this needs to take place prior to the legitimately elected candidate for the contested office being sworn in.

“Ours is a commitment to building a united, stable, and prosperous nation. Nigeria can and must become a great and modern nation,” Ugochinyere said.

A Gentle Reminder: Every obstacle is a stepping stone, every morning; a chance to go again, and those little steps take you closer to your dream.

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