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Singer Daddy Showkey Reveals How He Was Almost Burnt Alive With His Gang


Singer Daddy Showkey Reveals How He Was Almost Burnt Alive With His Gang

The seasoned Nigerian artist Daddy Showkey has spoken about how, while participating in gang activities in Ikorodu, Lagos State, he nearly died by lynching.

He claimed that he and a few other young men had terrorized residents with a gun they had found at a trash dump until the day they were apprehended and nearly lynched.

Speaking in the preview for the next episode of the podcast “The Honest Bunch,” Daddy Showkey revealed how, when they were miraculously saved, he and his group were already tied up and ready to be set on fire.

He said: “I was in a gang back in the day. I won’t lie. Some of us found a gun where we used to pick valuables from refuse dump in Ikorodu. We started using the gun to terrorise the area.

“One day, when we were out in our usual style, someone saw us and started screaming, ‘thieves, thieves, thieves.’ Then we started running, but we were apprehended. They tied us up. They were about to burn us but we were saved miraculously.

“I am a living testimony for every young person, because if I can be alive today and still become Daddy Showkey, then there’s hope for everyone.”

He disclosed that one of his gang members was later caught and lynched to death.

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