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Tamar Braxton Praises The Nigerian Culture

Tamar Braxton Praises The Nigerian Culture

For a country as diverse as Nigeria, perspectives are all too important. Nigeria is different things to different people but more often than not.  Tamar Braxton is praising the Nigerian culture. Check out the message  she shared on social media.

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‘Everyone who knows me knows that I love EVERYTHING about Nigerian culture. From the people, the music, and NOW the food🤤 my old man friend @johnnywright220 pre-birthday dinner with @thebillionairechef … lord Jesus it was the BEST food I’ve had in 2021!! Thank you for the music, fun, the food, and the NEW amazing Nigerian experience that I’m taking away with me tonight❤️🌟 so grateful for good people (he’s only available for private fine dining),’ Tamar captioned her post.

When Nigeria is referred to as the giant of Africa, it was the expectation that the country would lead from the front and become a template for the stability and success of African nations.  It is in that context that Nigeria is still viewed by many who seem to hold us, time and time again, to a standard higher than we hold our selves.

There is no country in the world with the diversity, confidence and talent and black pride like Nigeria.

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