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Teenagers Detained In Germany Over ‘Islamist Attack’ Plot


Teenagers Detained In Germany Over ‘Islamist Attack’ Plot

Teenagers, two girls and a boy have been seized by police in western Germany on suspicion of plotting an Islamist assault.

Prosecutors said on Friday, April 12, that the trio, ages 15 to 16, are “strongly suspected of planning an Islamist-motivated terror attack and having committed to carrying it out”.

The state’s Central Office for the Prosecution of Terrorism requested an arrest warrant for the youths over the Easter weekend. They formed a chat group and did not specify a date or location for the attack, but investigators said they “certainly saw the danger”.

According to Duesseldorf prosecutors, all three “committed to carrying out a crime – murder and manslaughter”. Investigators declined to disclose any information on the suspected scheme, citing the ongoing investigation.

According to Bild tabloid, the trio allegedly planned to attack worshippers in churches and police stations with knives and Molotov cocktails in accordance with the philosophy of the ISIL (ISIS) group. The teenagers were apparently considering obtaining firearms, according to a widely circulated daily.

Germany has been on high alert for attacks since the beginning of the Gaza war on October 7, as it has been increasingly scrutinised for its political and military support for Israel in the battle, which has killed over 33,500 Palestinians.

German officials arrested three people in January for allegedly plotting to attack Cologne’s cathedral on New Year’s Eve.

Last month, police captured two Afghan citizens linked to ISIL for reportedly plotting an attack on police near the Swedish parliament in response to the burning of Quran copies.

Police in northern Germany announced on Thursday, April 11, a 5,000-euro ($5,330) prize for information on an arson attack on a synagogue in the city of Oldenburg last week.

Anonymous ISIL followers and publications have also threatened to target football venues throughout Europe, especially Germany. An ISIL-affiliated media shared a photo of a red target marker on people outside Munich’s Allianz Arena before of a major match in late March.

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