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The Height And Depth, The Breadth And Length

The Height And Depth, The Breadth And Length

God should be loved perfectly by every one of us and should be feared as well. He should be feared because God is the power that no one can resist and the wisdom no one can flee.

Moreover, He should be loved because He first loved us, and there should be no doubt about His love for us.

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God is the one who does not deceive anyone. He is truth, and so He loves truthfully. So anyone who fears and loves God perfectly can understand what is God’s height and depth, breadth, and length. His height is His power; His depth, His wisdom, which encompasses all things; His width His charity; and His length His truth. This is the same thing as His eternity, which is without either beginning or end, just like His truth.

Culled From Abide In My Word


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