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Tinubu Suspends Cybersecurity Levy, Orders Review

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Tinubu Suspends Cybersecurity Levy, Orders Review

The controversial cybersecurity levy has been put on hold as President Bola Tinubu orders a review of its implementation.

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The decision was made on Thursday in response to the outcry that greeted the intention to apply the cybersecurity levy, to defer its implementation. The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has revealed that banks will be instructed to “ignore the implementation directive” this coming week.

According to a government-affiliated source, the president spoke with the governor of the CBN about the situation, and the CBN is probably going to release a statement this week postponing the policy’s implementation.” The CBN official stated that the level of ire aimed at the central bank astonished the apex bank.

The CBN official claimed that because the apex bank was merely abiding by legislation that the government had approved, it was taken aback by the intensity of the ire hurled at it.

The insider stated that while the CBN cannot overturn laws, it can pressure banks to refrain from implementing cybersecurity levy deductions. Outrage was stirred nationwide by the plan to impose a 0.5 percent fee on certain electronic transactions.

The charge, according to many Nigerians, would “raise the cost of living and conducting business” and impede the expansion of digital transactions. Joining the chorus of criticism, the House of Representatives demanded that the CBN “withdraw its circular directing all banks to commence charging” the tax.

They said that the CBN’s instruction needed to be clarified because it was “ambiguous.”

Aware of the “economic burden on Nigerians,” President Tinubu requested that the CBN “hold off on that policy and review things again.”

The president is committed to avoiding policies that “add to the burden of the people,” according to sources close to him. The assessment would look at the Cybersecurity Act itself as well as how the CBN implemented the levy. The Act was passed in 2015, before the Tinubu government.

The president’s aides speculate that to prevent the Act from “frustrating Nigerians,” he would try to amend it. A substantial change is indicated by the review that is coming up and the suspension of the cybersecurity levy.

The review’s conclusion will decide the levy’s future and might influence modifications to the Cybersecurity Act. Nigerians would be keenly observing to see if the government avoids actions that worsen financial strain and emphasizes economic well-being.

Gentle Reminder: Use your power and influence wisely, show others respect, and exercise caution.

Chychy Jonas

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