Traditional Brazilian Wears

How do people dress in Brazil which is populated by a mixture of Italian, Russian, and German immigrants? Immigrants from Portugal, Africa, and England make up a large part of Rio de Janeiro.

Traditional Brazilian fashion has been hugely influenced by the various races and immigrants from different countries that have melded seamlessly with native culture.

Brazilian fashion has a lot to say about the country and its people. It conveys the mind-sets of the people and paints a picture of what Brazil wants to project to the world.

Brazilian people are very much aware of fashion and know what appeals to them. In Brazilian fashion, it is not all about trends but more on the individual’s sense of style.

Traditional Brazilian Wears

Pretty much like other places on the planet, people get Brazilian fashion ideas from film and media celebrities.

The Brazilian people’s fixation to show skin has a heavy impact on fashion and clothing. You will notice that their clothing tends to expose more of their bodies. Brazilians take pride in their bodies and will even go to extremes to keep them attractive and in good shape. Many plastic surgeons are making big business in Brazil and Rio is one of the major world cities with the most number of fitness clubs and spas.

Brazilians generally wear casual and comfortable clothing. Men tend to get involved as much as women in Brazilian fashion. They know what looks good on them and will prefer clothing that’s comfortable and fashionable. Special occasions are times to dress elegantly and anything casual will be frowned upon. Some public places will not allow individuals to flip flops or sneakers to enter. Jeans with tears (intentional or not) are also considered improper.

More than half of Brazil’s population are people under thirty, which can influence the design of youth apparel. However, there are a lot of people from different generations picking the same style of clothing. After all, many middle-aged and senior citizens still prefer to keep up with the younger generation when it comes to Brazilian fashion.

Brazilian people are cultured when it comes to clothing. They understand Brazilian fashion which is why they go for quality and style but if you can’t afford the budget to buy the originals, low-quality knock-offs and fake copies are sold in stores at a lesser price.