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Twitter: India Issues Final Warning To Twitter To Comply With New IT Rules

Twitter: India Issues Final Warning To Twitter To Comply With New IT Rules

Twitter is the trending topic on major websites today. The microblogging site has been banned from operations in Nigeria and now, Indian authorities have called out Twitter over non-compliance of its IT rules. The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) on Saturday, issued a final warning to Twitter. The social media giant has been asked to name compliance officer as well as appoint a company employee as grievance officer and nodal contact person.

“The refusal to comply demonstrates Twitter’s lack of commitment and efforts towards providing a safe experience for the people of India on its platform.

“Despite being operational in India for more than a decade, it is beyond belief that Twitter Inc has doggedly refused to create mechanism that will enable the people of India to resolve their issues on the platform in a timely and transparent manner and through fair processes, by India based, clearly identified resources,” the IT ministry said.

The Centre has termed this its final notice as Twitter seeks amendments in the rules instead of complying with it

Centre has also stated that the Resident Grievance Officer and Nodal Contact Person nominated by Twitter is not an employee of Twitter Inc and the company’s official address is that of a law firm in India, which is also not as per the Rules. The govt has warned that noncompliance will lead to unintended consequences including Twitter losing exemption from liability as intermediary. The new IT rules came into force on 26 May and it has been more than a week but Twitter has refused to comply with, stated govt.

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Social media intermediaries shall appoint a Grievance Officer to deal with complaints and share the name and contact details of such officers. The officer should acknowledge the complaint received within 24 hours and resolve the issue within 15 days.
Intermediaries should remove or disable, within 24 hours of the complaint received, content that displays partial or full nudity, sexual act, morphed images, etc.
Intermediaries have to appoint a Chief Compliance Officer, a Nodal Contact Person and a Resident Grievance Officer, and all these officers should be Indian residents.
social media intermediaries offering messaging services must help law enforcement agencies identify and track the first originator of any contentious or problematic information.
An intermediary upon receiving actual knowledge in the form of an order by a court or being notified by the appropriate govt. or its agencies through authorized officer should not host or publish any information which is prohibited under any law in relation to the interest of the sovereignty and integrity of India, public order, friendly relations with foreign countries, etc.
If failed to comply, safe harbours which offer immunity to intermediaries from criminal liability would not apply to them.

From Nigeria placing a ban to dictators attacking free speech,attacking access to information,attack on free speech,the media,social media or various informative platforms in third world countries is how communism/dictatorship starts.

Meanwhile Indian is in the midst of coronavirus crisis and the numbers are increasing.

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