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Two University Students Arrested And Imprisoned For Internet Fraud In Ilorin

Two University Students Arrested And Imprisoned For Internet Fraud In Ilorin

On Friday, a high court in Ilorin held two University students in Kwara because of cyber-crime and romantic fraud.

Sentenced are the last year students, who were convicted of varying prison terms, of Ekiti State University, E KWASU, Oladosun Olakunmi Olamilekan, Ado Ekiti, Aderyemi Kehinde, and 21-year-old students at Kwara State University and Malete.

The Ilorin Zonal Office of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission of the Czech Republic (EFCC) charged them separately on Friday.

Anti-grafting agent Sikiru Oyinloy accused Adeyemi, alias King Elizabeth, of being charged on one count while Oladosun was arraigned on three charges.

The two accused pleaded guilty to the counts against them in their respective pleas.

The attorney Sesan Ola, who had testified to the two prisoners, examined the events in their pleas with Lamidi Olarenwaju and Enoch Onyedikachi.

The two witnesses, who are Commission operatives, told the court that intelligence reports have led the prisoners to be arrested at Ilorin International Airport.

They issued multiple false e-mails, the confessional declarations of the accused and their iPhones, which were used as a criminal instrument, and admitted to the court in evidence.

In his judgment, Mr. Justice Sikiru Oyinloye stated that the Court believed that the prosecution had demonstrated its case bearing the guilt plea of the defendants and the unquestioning evidence of the prosecution beyond reasonable doubt.

The judge later found Adeyemi guilty and ordered his iPhone to be forfeited by the federal government for a year in jail, with an option of a N100,000 fine.

He was punished, with one year in prison for one and two counts in Oladosun’ s case, which would be co-existing in both counts or a fine of N100,000 each.

On the third count, Justice Oyinloye simply ordered Oladosun not to pay a fine in respect of N20,000.

In addition, the court ordered the Federal government to decommission a draft N209,000 which was raised in the name of Oladosun and his iPhone.

In February of 2020, the indictments from Adeyemi Kehinde show that in Ilorin, a man who was a white man in the cards of $400 was dishonestly involved, one of Miller, when he knows he was a white lady named Queen Elizabeth Toha, in love with him, and knew to be false as in his voice in Google and in his Gmail-related Google Hangout, Queen Elizabeth Toha 18@

In Oladosun Olamilekan (Joan Davis) he alleges to be a white male and to send 300 US dollars of an iTunes gift card, fraudulently deceiving a Vicki Baldwin on March 2018, and committing an offense contrary to the Penal Code of section 321 and punishable under Section 324 o. Oladosun Olamilekan is the only male to be a gift card.


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