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Typhoon May Wreak Havoc On The 2021 Tokyo Olympics Games

Typhoon May Wreak Havoc On The 2021 Tokyo Olympics Games

The latest worry facing the 2021 Olympic in Tokyo right now is that a Typhoon threatens to hit the Olympic games maybe next week.

Just days into the Olympics, the troubled competition is facing a potential storm which is heading dangerously close to Japan’s capital city Monday, just days into the Summer Games, according to the Joint Typhoon Warning Center.

Forecasters warned that there’s a “medium chance” for “potential tropical development.”

The storm is currently forming in the Philippine Sea and expected to travel west over the weekend, forecasters said.

According to NY Post, the storm warning is just the latest hurdle for Olympic organizers, who have been trying to keep athletes safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. Still, surfers who arrived in Tokyo for the Games couldn’t be happier about the potential weather surge.

“It’s small but there is swell on the way! Let’s go,” wrote Australian surfer Owen Wright on Instagram.

Surfers had previously been concerned that the weak waves off Tokyo’s Tsurigasaki Beach, where their competition is being held, would make it difficult for them to show off their skills.

International Surfing Association president; Fernando Aguerre said that “there’s going to be good waves, there’s a strong typhoon here off the coast of Japan, and we know that the waves are getting bigger.”

Since the potential typhoon has yet to even develop, and any potential impact to the Tokyo Olympic Games is still five days away, predicting the exact track, intensity or impacts to the Games is nearly impossible.

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