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Vatican: Italian Police Seize Envelope With Bullets Sent To Pope Francis

Vatican: Italian Police Seize Envelope With Bullets Sent To Pope Francis

Italian police have intercepted an envelope containing three pistol bullets and addressed to the supreme head of the Roman Catholic church; Pope Francis.

The envelope was seized in a mail sorting facility close to the northern Italian city of Milan, police said on Monday. Postal workers called the police after intercepting the envelope overnight in the small town of Peschiera Borromeo.

Police told Reuters the envelope, sent from France, was addressed to “The Pope, Vatican City, St Peter’s Square”.

This latest worrying development comes following a difficult period for the Pope.

On July 27, a trial began which has seen 10 people, including a senior cardinal, indicted over allegations of mishandling of Vatican funds. The multi-million-pound scandal is centered around the purchasing of a luxury property in London.

According to Reuters, an indictment revealed as part of the process claimed the Pope gave his personal approval for the trial against senior figures to begin.

A Vatican spokesperson had no immediate comment as regards the incident.

We await a report of findings from the Italian police.

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