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Leadership Conference: Vice President Osinbajo Encourages Leaders To Remain Strong In Times Of Distress

Leadership Conference: Vice President Osinbajo Encourages Leaders To Remain Strong In Times Of Distress

In times of difficulty, leaders are expected to remain calm as to show courage and hope to the people who are looking up to their leaders, Vice President Yemi Osinbajo said.

On Saturday 25, the Redeemer’s International Leadership Academy was organized by the Redeemed Christian Church of God, themed: Winning in Adversity.

Professor Osinbajo said that “the leaders are the most essential in times of distress or struggle or suffering.

“The leader cannot afford to lose his cool or his focus. He must calm himself down and calm the people down as well.”

“When all is well, there is no need for guidance, encouragement or instruction, but it is especially in the midst of wars, conflicts, insurgency, famines, danger, and fear, that people look to leadership,” the Vice President said.

In the Bible, Prof. Osinbajo references the tale of Moses and the Israelites. He said Moses looked to God for help but it should be observed that Moses gave the people assurance in the power of God to fulfill His promises. Moses did not know about the particular difficulty that awaits but he was able to say it with confidence because he knew the God he served.”

The Vice President underlined the necessity for leaders to remain unstaffed at the virtual keynote presentation at the conference of the Redeemer’s International Leadership Academy. He said in the adversities and particularly in uncertainty, people want to give up, retreat, return, and don’t want to keep going.

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Professor Osinbajo then urged his fellow leaders to act in faith and not fear when confronted with a crisis, in particular an existential crisis, especially as Christian leaders.

He also said God is very much aware of everything that is happening, adding that even when we are fearful, we have to obey and trust as it is the responsibility of leadership, in particular, leadership according to scriptural principles.”

Pastor A. A Bolarinwa, Continental Supervisor, Research and Development Assistant at RCCG, Pastor Idowu Iluyomade, Corporate Social Responsibility Intercontinental Oversaw, Pastor in RCCG Region 20, and Pastor Banky Ladele, Rector RILA, attended the seminar.

There were also commercial and professional speakers including Mr. Kayode Pitan the CEO/Managing director of the Bank of Industry; Ms. Ndidi Nwuneli, Sahel’s Consulting Managing Partner; the Executive Director, Ms. Adenike Adeyemi; and Ms. Oluwatoyin Asiru-Balogun the TY Farm Place CEO.

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