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Viral Amputee Hawker Mary Daniels Buys N17.5 Million House In Lagos, To Open Her Own ‘Pure’ Water Factory

Viral Amputee Hawker Mary Daniels Buys N17.5 Million House In Lagos, To Open Her Own ‘Pure’ Water Factory

Sachet water hawker, Mary Daniels, who went viral some months ago, is the latest landlord in Lagos. The 27-year-old lady held a housewarming ceremony for her new property which was attended by friends and close family members Photos and videos from the ceremony surfaced on social media with several online observers congratulating the lady.

It is indeed a new beginning for Nigerian amputee hawker, Mary Daniels.

According to an exclusive report by Punch, 27-year-old Daniels is now the owner of an N17.5 million property in the Igando area of Lagos state.

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The single mum, who used to sell bottled water on highways in the Oshodi area of Lagos, said she bought the house, cash down, for N17.5m from the N25m donation she received after Saturday PUNCH published her story.

In addition to the house, Daniels has also commenced work on her ‘pure’ water factory which is situated in the same compound. Exclusive photos from the housewarming ceremony were posted on the official Punch Instagram page.

For her factory, Daniel has purchased the engine and filters for sachet water production.

According to her, what is left for the completion of the sachet water factory are water tank, flooring, electrical work, and roofing.

Congratulations Mary! We are super proud of you.

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