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What Amount Should A Child Be Contributing To The House? Anthony Joshua Asks

What Amount Should A Child Be Contributing To The House? Anthony Joshua Asks

Children have the potential to bring incredible change to our world. But first, we need to recognise their value by providing all their needs. A British Nigerian professional boxer, Anthony Joshua is asking his fans the reasonable amount they think children should contribute to the running cost of the house, WonderTV Media reports.

Joshua, in a post on his social media has suggested that kids living with their parents should contribute towards some household expenses.

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His post reads:

“Kids are living at parents houses for longer. Being smart and saving up money
I feel they should then contribute towards some household expenses
If renting a room /apartment was 800/1kpm
What’s the reasonable amount a child should be contributing to support thMe running cost of the house
Youngsters & Olders make sure your dropping some change to your mom or dad Aunty or uncle Nan or grandad here n there! It goes a long way! It ain’t just about the amount it’s also the thought”

Children are more than we think they are; they can do more than we think they can do. All they need is a vote of confidence from grownups, whom they will ultimately replace anyway. Their dream today will become the realities of tomorrow.  Please your thoughts with us if you agree with Anthony Joshua.

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