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Why APC Leaders Nullified Anambra Primary Election

Why APC Leaders Nullified Anambra Primary Election

Following the recent finding of electoral misconduct, the APC Anambra gubernatorial primary polls have been declared unacceptable by party members and important stakeholders, according to IgbereTV.

According to reliable sources within the party, Sen Andy Ubah, the expected winner of the June 26 election, colluded with Hope Uzodinma, the governor of Imo state, to thwart the free, fair, and peaceful conduct of the party primary elections.

Suspicions of foul play began to rise when Sen Andy Ubah’s unpopular land slide victory was announced. Other aspirants submitted a formal complaint, and an investigation was initiated right away. Sen Andy Ubah, with the support of Governor Hope Uzodinma, was found to have pressured members of the primaries committee to change the results in his favor. According to an ongoing inquiry, Andy Ubah and Hope Uzodinma allegedly coerced the committee’s chairman, Dapo Abiodun (Ogun state governor), into tampering with the voting process.

It was also discovered that no election was held in numerous wards around the state, despite the lack of concrete evidence to the contrary. The party’s hierarchy was also discovered to be unconcerned with the election participation. The obvious issue that arises from these findings is: how did the outcomes come about?

Through the work of candidates like Hon Azuka Okwuosa, Chief Ben Etiaba, and Godwin Okonkwo, the APC had already begun to gain ground and acquire the trust of Anambrarians, according to a cross examination of Anambrarians. Andy Ubah is viewed as a selfish politician who is out to syphon government monies by the majority of people in the state. “If a candidate like Hon Azuka Okwuosa had been declared winner, he would have had a lot more support,” one of the party’s supporters observed.

Party members and hopefuls have called on the party’s leadership to annul the results due to the party’s leadership’s unwillingness to vouch for the validity of the posted results. They emphasized that the party should not back a distorted and biased result based on rigged elections. A new committee should be formed to hold the primary election at a later date in order to fulfill the party’s basic aim of a faultless and honest process. They believe that by doing so, the party will be able to reclaim the hearts of all Anambrarians.

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