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Yabagi Sani Compares Southern Governors To Nnamdi Kanu And Igboho, Says They Behave Alike.

Yabagi Sani Compares Southern Governors To Nnamdi Kanu And Igboho, Says They Behave Alike.

During a session on problems in the communiqué distributed on Monday, Mr. Yabagi criticized the governors for their stances on them, claiming that their meeting was a gang up against the North and President Buhari.

ADP has alleged that southern governors have been behaving like Sunday Igboho and Nnamdi Kanu, both of whom are heavily involved in the Kaduna shootings, in uniting to oppose President Muhammadu Buhari and all northerners.

Agitations by Yoruba Nation and Biafra Republic are led by Mr. Igboho and Mr. Kanu, respectively.

Mr Igboho has been deemed wanted after a raid on his home by agents of the State Security Service (SSL) who killed two people in the process, resulting in Mr Igboho’s declaration of warrant. Mr Kanu has been returned to Nigeria to face trial, where he has been remanded.

The governors of the South rejected the revenue sharing formula included in the newly passed Petroleum Industry Bill, demanded a ban on open grazing, and that the South must provide the next president by 2023.

ADP’s gubernatorial candidate, Mr. Yabagi, was interviewed on Channels TV on Monday, and during the interview he commented on the southern governors’ conference, stating that the governors are on the same side as those agitating for the balkanization of Nigeria.

According to Mr. Yabagi, it appears as though everything included in the communique issued following their conference is a hostile act towards the North.

How can we have elected leaders, governors for that matter, come to South Dakota to foster things that divide us? Sharing ideas that unite the country will trump my ability to imagine things.

Today’s world would be much better if statesmen still walked the earth, coming together on principled matters. Igboho and Kanu, as well as every other governor in Nigeria, aren’t any better than someone who was not elected to serve the country.

He concluded with, “Perhaps we should not be talking about these dichotomies when there is no good governance involved.”

He furthered this saying southern governors should exercise caution in order to not frighten northern voters who hold the ability to influence who holds power in the South.

I believe we are making a mistake and these governors will only have an impact if they get their heads out of the sand and recognize their responsibility to ensure the country stays a unified, intact unit.

According to Mr. Yabagi, “The manner in which they’re proceeding will upset the North, which controls the largest number of votes they’ll need to win the presidency.”

Yabagi Sani Compares Southern Governors To Nnamdi Kanu And Igboho, Says They Behave Alike.

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