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10 Worshippers Feared Dead, Many Injured In Imo Auto Crash


10 Worshippers Feared Dead, Many Injured In Imo Auto Crash

An accident occurred at the Orogwe market bus stop in the Owerri Local Government Area of Imo State, resulting in the deaths of at least 10 worshippers and severe injuries to others.

On Friday, April 19, 2024, a luxury bus and an empty sand tipper were involved in an accident.

An eyewitness stated that the event happened while the opulent bus owned by the Lord’s Chosen Ministry was transporting church members from Lagos State to Owerri for their programme, which was set to start on Saturday.

A source claims that the event happened when the opulent bus attempted to evade the tipper who was leaving a nearby road on the highway while travelling at a fast pace.

The insider also revealed that the bus, in an attempt to avoid the tipper driver, was unluckily struck from behind, causing it to crash into the roadside culvert.

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In addition to the bus apparently crushing over 10 people waiting to board vehicles at the bus stop, the tipper’s driver and conductor were reported to have perished instantaneously.

According to reports at the time of this story, the bus driver survived the tragedy.

“It was around 6 am this morning, and we saw the bus driver carrying Chosen members, maybe from Lagos, the tipper was coming out from that corner. We don’t know what happened, but we later heard a loud sound, we saw that the bus had crashed into the shops on the right side of Orogwe market,” the witness told journalists.

“But before it finally crashed into the shops, the bus had hit the rear of the tipper which forced it to hit the culvert. About 8 people were later removed from under the bus while the driver was still alive.”

A middle-aged woman who survived with her daughter said; “We’re many in that vehicle, I don’t know if it’s full or not but our loads were also inside, we were going to our church program in Owerri when the accident happened.”

“Our load is still trapped in the bus but that’s not what we’re saying now, a lot of people have been taken to the hospital, and most of them were removed from under the bus.”

According to some indigenous people, a comparable tragedy that happened four years ago at the same location resulted in fatalities.

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