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16-year-old receives $9m After Graduating With 4.98 GPA


16-year-old receives $9m After Graduating With 4.98 GPA

A 16-year-old student named Maliq Barnes from the International High School of New Orleans in the USA has shared his success secrets after being accepted into more than 170 colleges and receiving more than $9 million in scholarships.

Barnes, who graduated with a 4.98 GPA, despite being a member of the school’s basketball, track and field teams, credited his success to his faith in God, the support of his parents, and the guidance of his school counsellor, Denise James.

Additionally, the 16-year-old is graduating high school two years earlier than expected.

In an interview with Fox News co-host Arthel Neville, Barnes explained what drives his academic success.

“Is it your studying habits? Do things come easy to you? Do you work hard? What is it?” she asked.

“I think that those are all things that place factors in my success. But one thing that I do definitely know for a fact is that I know I have dreams and aspirations that are long-term [and] that are beyond right now in the next 10- 20 years,” he shared.

“And those are things that I want to accomplish. Those dreams that I said, and I believe that right now it’s stepping stones to get where I want to be. So it’s definitely a drive and motivation to kind of push me to do what I have to do now so that whenever I graduate college and move on in life, I could be where I want to be.”

Barnes will be making his college pick on Tuesday and he has discussed his criteria for his final decision.

“I want to go to a school that’s going to set me up with the best course academically, financially. I want to go to a school that’s going to pay me to go to school. And, you know, a full ride, of course, but not only that… dealing with meal plans, staying on campus and the school that’s going to give me a quality education where I’m comfortable,” he said.

The 16-year-old noted that he isn’t looking at any specific colleges right now and isn’t sure if he will stay in New Orleans, but he loves the city.

“What advice Maliq do you have to others who want to excel and attract scholarships?” Neville asked.

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“One thing I’m going to say… I know everybody [is] not going to be like me [and] not everybody [is] going to have the same goals, dreams [and] aspirations. I would just want to say- keep God in the midst and whatever those dreams are that you do have, make it a priority, make it your determination and make it your business to prioritize it and put it first,” he shared.

“As a child, it could be easy to kind of get sidetracked to want to have fun. And there’s nothing wrong with that. But I just want to say make your education a priority. It is definitely important. That’s not for everybody, but whatever your dreams and aspirations are, just make it a priority and finish what you start,” he added.

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