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42 Killed, 338 Houses Set Ablaze And Other Properties Destroyed As Herdsmen Attack  Atyap Community In Kaduna State

42 Killed, 338 Houses Set Ablaze And Other Properties Destroyed As Herdsmen Attack  Atyap Community In Kaduna State

Atyap Community Development Association (ACDA) said that suspected Fulani Herdsmen stormed 12 villages, killing 42 people and burning 338 homes while injuring seven others.

It was stated that seven churches have been destroyed, as well as 8 automobiles and 13 motorcycles.

On Saturday, Samuel T. Archie, the ACDA President, informed journalists in Kaduna that, “In all the attacks in the 12 different villages as of today 15th July 2021, a total of 42 people were killed and 338 houses burnt with seven people wounded. Several other valuables were not left out as eight cars, 13 motorcycles, generators, food, and domestic items were either looted or consumed by fire.”

He stressed that these attacks are not merely the work of herders, but are part of a planned effort to exterminate the Atyap people.

He emphasized the importance of this briefing by stating that they had worked extremely hard to maintain peace in the community.

He claimed that the Atyap people were left helpless during the duration of the attack, as no security stations were close enough to the area and that not only were lives and homes lost but also harvests and places of worship were destroyed.

Because of the threat of death, his people have been forced to abandon their farms. As a result, all schools in the area have been closed, and their children have been unable to attend school, creating a humanitarian crisis for all those who have been forced to flee their homes or are internally displaced.

According to him, the Fulani herders seemed to be attempting to seize and govern their land, and he questioned why they should be left on their own to bear the burdens of modern society.

The Atyap people demanded additional military and humanitarian assistance, as well as a more peaceful environment for everyone, or they would resort to utilizing all legal means to safeguard their own lives and property.

Stopping this horrific deed performed by agents of evil is imperative for all good people who care about preserving the already established route to sustainable peaceful coexistence between all sorts of people and tribes residing in Atyap Land, as advocated by the Agwatyap Sir Dominic Yahaya,” he explained.

These agents of darkness are Fulani herdsmen, and some of them are well-known in the villages that have been affected by them.”

According to the President, it was assumed that the herders had accepted the peace being promoted by the ruler of Atyap but it was later discovered the Fulani herders appeared to have temporarily paused shooting to go and reinforce themselves.

As reported by Samuel Achie, the Fulani militia has swept into the following settlements in less than two weeks, causing panic and bloodshed, as well as physical destruction.

According to him, the most concerning aspect is that these killers may continue to test the military’s capabilities for several hours while killing, maiming, and burning hundreds of homes that have little or no backup from security forces.

According to him, all three communities are within three kilometers of the military checkpoints at Zango and Samaru Kataf, which are both in Zango.

During the attacks, Hilux Vans were seen in some of the affected communities, reportedly loaded with food and other supplies, before further properties and dwellings were set on fire, according to the president.

While no Fulani herdsmen members have been killed by military forces, several of their commanders have been apprehended and taken to police custody in Kaduna, where they are expected to point out alleged cow killers showing a cow is more valuable than a humans life, he expressed regret.

These individuals, ranging in age from 43 to 85, were imprisoned for a total of three months before being hauled to court and released after 92 days on bail.

Since last year, they have been meeting and discussing with members of the Hausa and Fulani communities in an attempt to reach a compromise on how to live peacefully together. They have remained on this path, he explained, not because they are cowards, but because it is what their parents left to them as an inheritance.

As a result of the lack of decisive steps taken by the government to put a stop to the killings on their land, and the lack of a soothing statement released in response to the plight of the Atyap people, he said, the people are beginning to question whether they are still citizens of the state.

He believes that it is the responsibility of the Kaduna State administration to guarantee that the culprits are apprehended and brought to justice.

“The fire destroyed seven churches and Pastorius in different locations.

Homes destroyed by Fulani Militia activities include the family compound of our paramount ruler, His Royal Highness Sir Dominic Yahaya, in Magamiya, and the family compound of retired Major General Shekari Biliyock, a former commandant of the Nigeria-African Peace Keeping Arm, the ECOMOG, in Abuyab,” he stated.

Samuel Achie claimed that the entire Atyap Nation appeared befuddled by the pointless murders of the Fulani herders because they had gone ahead and ahead to carry out the requirements of the peace agreement made with the parties involved.

The community is left in confusion, wondering where they faulted.

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