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Actress Racheal Adelaja Celebrates 14th Wedding Anniversary With Husband

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Actress Racheal Adelaja Celebrates 14th Wedding Anniversary With Husband

The 14th wedding anniversary of Nigerian actress Racheal Adelaja and her spouse, Mr. A, is being observed today.

She disclosed on her Instagram page that she wed her spouse in 2010, that he moved overseas in 2013, and that after a year, they had no contact at all. She admitted that because it was only her and her daughter, she started crying uncontrollably.

She felt that she was still legally married to her husband even after they separated, and in 2020, he contacted her. Since then, their marriage has been wonderful.

She wrote ;

”I waited so long for this day 🙏

In 2010 i got married to Mr A…..My fellow ladies in the house if your spouse want to leave for abroad for greener pastures please you still need to think twice👂🏽👌🏾…
So in 2013 Mr A travelled out, and the communication was smooth💯 we talked almost every hours…. Fast forward to after 1year Mr A got busy… He blocked me off…I can’t reach out to him… I cried my ass out🥲.. For years it was me and my precious daughter…

My husband friends begin to ask me out 😪 infact alot happened that i cant explain but all i know is my prayer point never changed “God please i am not ready to have kids from different father, i don’t want polygamy because i am a victim of polygamy💯🤦🏽‍♀️so i was still having the feelings that i’m legally married to him. Even though we are separated for years ( ignorance 🤪)

Hnnnnn with alot of prayers and determination in 2020 Mr A is fully back till date…..
14th Good year

With a Grateful Heart, Thank You Jesus For Your Faithfulness, Thank You Lord For Another Year 🙏
Happy Wedding Anniversary Mr & Mrs A 😘 Forever Is The Deal Oko mi 🌹”

Happy wedding anniversary. May your love continue to wax strong in Jesus name.

Live with Purpose, Love with Passion. Remember to be happy

One ❤️❤️❤️

Rose Ajieh

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