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Adelabu Summons AEDC, IBEDC, TCN Over Poor Electricity Supply


Adelabu Summons AEDC, IBEDC, TCN Over Poor Electricity Supply

Minister of electricity, Adebayo Adelabu, has called the CEOs of Abuja Electricity Distribution Company (AEDC) and Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company (IBEDC) over deteriorating power delivery in their respective districts.

The Managing Director of the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN), Alhaji Sule Ahmed Abdulazeez, was also summoned due to the deteriorating power situation.

Engineer B.U Mustapha, Director of Distribution Services at the Federal Ministry of Power, stated that the CEOs of these institutions have been invited to a meeting called by Minister Adelabu in the coming week to discuss issues related to deteriorating electricity supply in their regions with the goal of proposing a long-term solution.

According to Bolaji Tunji, the Minister’s Special Adviser for Strategic Communications and Media Relations, the Minister has promised that the management of additional non-performing DISCOs will be investigated for non-performance as reports on the situation in their regions continue to emerge.

He said; “These two DISCOs have been summoned due to the worsening power supply situation in their regions despite improved supply from TCN.”

According to the statement, despite the gas scarcity, the Ministry has been putting pressure on Generating Companies (GENCOs) to boost performance, and generation has been increased to more than 4000MW in recent days.

It added; “So, we expect power supply to have improved across the country, unlike what we are experiencing in some regions, presently. Findings revealed that some distribution companies were deliberately not taking up power supply from TCN while some power lines were also damaged by vandals in Abuja, Benin, Port-Hatcourt and Ibadan regions.”

The Minister also stated that the focus will be on all DISCOs to compel them to meet expected performance, while “wilful non-performance by any DISCO could suffice as a reason for severe punishment or outright licence revocation”.

The Minister has also asked TCN to immediately begin repairs on the damaged transmission towers and power lines in order to improve supplies in the affected areas.

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