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Any Court Trying Me Is Committing Terrorism – Nnamdi Kanu


Any Court Trying Me Is Committing Terrorism – Nnamdi Kanu

Nnamdi Kanu, the embattled leader of IPOB, claims that he cannot be convicted in Nigeria because “any court that tries him is committing an act of terrorism according to the Nigerian constitution.”

He stated that any attempt to put him on trial would be a violation of the Terrorism Prohibition and Prevention Act and international law.

Kanu made this statement after his plea to be placed under house arrest instead of DSS custody and his new bail application were denied by Federal High Court Judge Binta Nyako this morning, May 20.

Visibly furious, Kanu informed the court that his forced rendition from Kenya was illegal, and as such, he could not face trial in Nigeria.

“Anything you do on the contrary is an act of terrorism,” he emphasised, insisting that the Supreme Court had issued a ruling on his matter.

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He cited Terrorism Prevention and Prohibition Act Section 2, Subsection 3(f), which he argues designates him as a terrorist, as well as any court that attempts to try him.

“Terrorism Prohibition and Prevention Act said that I cannot be tried in Nigeria, that is the law of Nigeria. I can never be tried in any court of law in Nigeria. That is what the law says. Anyone standing on trial or coming to try me is a terrorist. That is what the law says, not me. Section 2, Subsection 3 F of the Terrorism Prevention and Prohibition Act, that is what it says. Any court continuing to try me is committing an act of terrorism.” he said.

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