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Teacher Arrested For Beating 8-Year-Old Pupil To Coma


Teacher Arrested For Beating 8-Year-Old Pupil To Coma

Faith Nwonye, a 30-year-old teacher at Landmark School Mgbakwu in Anambra State’s Awka North Local Government Area, has been arrested for allegedly beating an 8-year-old pupil into a coma.

Ngozi Chuma-Udeh, the state commissioner for Education, confirmed to journalists at her office on Monday, May 20, 2024, that the institution had been permanently shuttered.

Chuma-Udeh stated that she had summoned the school’s proprietor and Nwonye to explain the situation that resulted in the savage beating of the primary student.

“We received this unfortunate incident from an illegal school in Mgbakwu that a child was beaten to a coma over the weekend. On behalf of the State Government, we invited the proprietress of the illegal school as well as the teacher who purportedly beat the child,” she said.

“We’ve handed the matter to the police for further investigations, as we await Mr Governor’s directives. Meanwhile, the school is closed down indefinitely because it’s not supposed to exist in the first instance. Any parent who is enrolling his/her child in an illegal school is doing so at his/her own peril.

“To the proprietors of private schools, anyone running an unapproved school in Anambra is a criminal. It’s a criminal offence to run an illegal school in the state

“Whether the school is legal or not, it’s criminal to beat a child. According to the doctor, the chances of survival of the child is 20%.”

The commissioner also stated that the teacher would face disciplinary action.

“As soon as the police are done, the teacher will face other institutions against child rights. She’s going to have the full wrath of the law brought upon her over her actions,” she said.

“Anambra state abhors violence to children, women, and any other person. It’s not part of this administration and Mr. Governor is against such.”

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