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APC: Wike Is Willing To Work With Us – Ganduje


APC: Wike Is Willing To Work With Us – Ganduje

Dr Abdullahi Ganduje, the national chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), which is now in power, has disclosed that negotiations to merge several opposition political groups with the APC are currently taking place.

This information was revealed by Ganduje when talking about the August 15 visit of Nyesom Wike, a minister-designate and former governor of the state of Rivers.

When asked if Wike would be joining the APC as a minister in the President Bola Tinubu-led APC administration, Ganduje said the former Rivers state governor is ready to cooperate with the ruling party without necessarily joining the ship.

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He said: “You know Wike is an honourable Minister-designate, so, he came we discussed it because I was looking for him to congratulate him for that and also he came to congratulate me and we discussed that when he becomes minister fully, he will work very hard in order to move the ministry he is giving forward and he is ready to cooperate.
“But we didn’t discuss the issue of his coming to APC or not coming to APC. That issue will arise later.”

On his plan to expand the membership base of the party and if Wike will boost APC’s chances, Ganduje said; “It will certainly improve the chances of this our party, especially in 2027 and not only that we are coming out with a new blueprint to increase the followership of the party and this will include all strata of officials; those who are in APC and those who are in other political parties. I assure you, very soon, some of the political parties will even merge with the APC. We are doing that underground.

“The spirit of national unity does not mean the spirit of one party in Nigeria. Spirit of national unity means spirit of national competence.”

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