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Let go and trust GOD

Monday Perspective

Let go and trust GOD

How many of you are willing to give up everything in exchange for an overflowing presence of the Holy Spirit? God commanded Abraham to leave his father’s house and everything he knew in order to journey to a land that God would show him. Despite not knowing where he was going, Abraham maintained an unusual confidence in God. He carefully listened to God’s instructions and obeyed.

Imagine being told to move without knowing the destination! Abram’s faith in God was remarkable. But why did God ask Abraham to leave his father’s house? God called Abraham to spiritual separation. Leaving his father’s house represented a separation from his family’s pagan culture and rituals. By abandoning his father’s household, Abraham committed to God’s covenant and a life of faith. God wished to give Abraham a new beginning, and leaving his past behind provided for a new beginning. The land that God would show him symbolized a promised inheritance—not just a physical territory but also a spiritual legacy. Abraham learned to rely totally on God. He couldn’t rely on his own strength or resources.

Beloved, there will be times when God must rescue you from toxic patterns, relationships, or mindsets before He can accomplish His will in you, and when He does, it is possible that you may feel extreme loneliness as you let go of what was. However, have faith that what is to come will be yours in due time. Many people have a natural tendency to hang onto things until they see a specific outcome before making a decision to protect their interests. This is what God is saying: “Let go and trust me, and then I will show you what I am going to do through you.”  God’s ultimate desire is to work out His will in our lives. However, He knows that certain influences can hinder our alignment with His purpose. By rescuing us from harmful situations, God prepares us for the greater plans He has in store.

Trusting God’s timing and methods can be challenging. We may not always understand why certain doors close or why we face difficulties. Yet, surrendering to His wisdom allows us to experience His transformative work.

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