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BBNaija: “I Don’t Like You” – Maria To Pere (Video)

BBNaija: “I Don’t Like You” – Maria To Pere (Video)

BBNaija ”Shine Ya Eye” housemate, Maria, dashed her housemate, Pere’s hopes of being in a relationship with her.  This comes after Maria, in a recent statement, made it known to Pere that she doesn’t like him.

The expression on Pere’s face showed her words hit him badly as he recently said she is the only girl he would like to continue with after the show.

Last night, Pere took her aside to tell her he was interested in her. He said;

I don’t know how to articulate this so you would understand. I really like you”

She did not allow him finish his sentence when she responded;

Okay can we stop. I don’t like you so can we just skip it

and I’m not faking it.”

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A stunned Pere couldn’t say another word as Maria ended the conversation with “cool? Can I go to bed now please” before walking out on Pere.

Wow! This must have been very painful to Pere but we never can tell what will happen next. Stay tune for daily updates.

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Watch the video below;



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