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Benin Man Jailed For Spraying Naira Notes At Funeral


Benin Man Jailed For Spraying Naira Notes At Funeral

Justice C.A. Obiozor of the Federal High Court in Benin City has convicted and sentenced Osazee Kenneth Imagbenikaro to jail for spraying naira notes.

Imagbenikaro was convicted on a two-count charge of spraying naira notes on Thursday, May 16, 2024, in violation of Section 21(3) of the Central Bank of Nigeria (Establishment) Act 2007, and is penalised under Section 21 (1) of the same Act.

One of the counts reads: “That you Osazee Kenneth Imagbenikoro (m) on or about the 28th day of April 2023 at Ogida Police Barracks, Benin City, Edo State within the jurisdiction of this honourable court did spray N100 notes at a funeral ceremony and thereby committed an offence contrary to Section 21 (3) of the Central Bank of Nigeria (Establishment ) Act 2007 and punishable under Section 21 (1) of the same Act.”

When the charge was read to him in court, the defendant entered a plea of guilty.

Based on his plea, prosecuting attorney Francis Jirbo asked the court to condemn and sentence him appropriately.

However, defence counsel urged the court to balance justice with mercy, claiming that the defendant had grown regretful for his actions.

Justice Obiozor convicted and sentenced Imagbenikaro to six months in prison on each count, as well as a fine of N100,000 (one hundred thousand).

The defendant must promise in writing that he will behave properly in the future.

A Gentle Reminder: Every obstacle is a stepping stone, every morning; a chance to go again, and those little steps take you closer to your dream.

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