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Lecturer Reacts To Student’s Suicide Over Repeatedly Failing His Course


Lecturer Reacts To Student’s Suicide Over Repeatedly Failing His Course

Prof. Amechi Enyi, a prominent lecturer at Ebonyi State University (EBSU), has responded to allegations that he was involved in the death of Miss Favour Ugwuka, a female student at the institution.

The final student in the Department of English and Literary Studies committed suicide on Wednesday night, May 22, 2024, after consistently failing a specific course.

In a viral voice note, the deceased was heard expressing that the lecturer continued to fail her despite spending an extra year.

She stated that she attended classes and did her best to pass the course during her extra year, but the professor still failed her.

In a viral video, the mother of the deceased student blamed the instructor for her daughter’s death.

Speaking to journalists in Abakaliki on Friday, Prof Enyi, who claimed he was threatened by the deceased mother before the occurrence, stated that the Question Paper for the course’s final examination (English Statistics) revealed that the late student only wrote down three questions.

He also stated that it was erroneous to conclude that her death was due to academic endeavours.

“I’m Prof A U. Enyi of the Department of English and Literary Studies, Ebonyi State University, Abakaliki. It is unfortunate, it is quite unfortunate that the girl ended the way she did. I was shocked when I heard the news,” he said.

“It is not true that her death is related to an academic issue, I don’t see how somebody who was not victimized, someone who failed an exam would decide to take her own life. So, the first question one should ask in this circumstance should be, was she victimized?

“And of course, you know that she may not have been the only person who wrote the exam and some [other] people may have failed also, so it is not true and, really that was my first reaction. How could she have decided to take her own life, that is if she took her life

“How could she have decided to take her own life when she was not victimised in the exam?”

“Yes, I got to know about this student in February 2024 after we had uploaded our second-semester results. The results were already approved by the school because before we uploaded results so that students could have access to the results, the school management would have approved the results.

“So the mother called me one night, she said that I was witch-hunting her daughter, that how could her daughter have passed all other courses only to fail my course?

“And when I tried to explain to her the procedure of ascertaining such an accusation, she refused to listen then I had no choice but to disconnect the call.

“And I didn’t dwell further on it because the university has a process for handling such matters. According to the university rules, the examination does not belong to the lecturer, we had submitted the results, the student scripts, the questions, and the marking scheme, so all these are the property of the university and they are all verifiable.

“So, if anyone feels aggrieved, the process of recalling the papers is there. And what such an aggrieved person needs to do is not threaten my life, telling me that she is from Nsukka and that I will be dealt with.”

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