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Chicago Rapper, KTS Dre, Was Shot Multiple Times After Being Released From Jail

Chicago Rapper, KTS Dre, Was Shot Multiple Times After Being Released From Jail

KTS Dre, Chicago rapper, was tragically murdered over the weekend following his release from Cook County Jail after many weapons were apparently embassed.

KTS Dres (born London Sylvester) suffered 64 fire wounds in the head and elsewhere, authorities said, via NBC Chicago, on Saturdays and 31-year-old KTS Dre (born London Sylvester).

The budding hip-hop musician was released and went to a vehicle after a couple of suspects “came out of two separate vehicles and all started shooting in the direction of Sylvester, struck him many times,” claimed the police report.

KTS Dre was one of at least 40. 10 victims died of their wounds in the city during the weekend. The local fast star has been targeted by the police, Fox 32 claims. He was taken to Hospital Mount Sinai, where he was said to have died.

A sixty-year-old female strolling with him took a gunshot on his knee at the moment of the attack. She has been listed at Stroger Hospital in good condition. A 30-year-old lady who walked by the shots, had a grass wound to her lips and, according to the report, is listed in excellent health in the Sinai Hospital.

Dre, for his criminal in the possession of a firearm and resisting policeman, was under bail on charges relating to his arrest in April 2020. He posted the necessary $5,000 for a $50,000 bail and had an ankle monitor in place when he was killed. KTS stands for “Kill To Survive” according to CWB Chicago.

During Instagram broadcast last week in Hawthorne, California, his death occurred days after aspiring Indian Red Boy was shot and died.

Indian Red Boy, Dijon Rivera born, is believed to have been shot live on Thursday 8 July with fellow gang member Kapone.

In the graph, his left eye, neck, and upper torso are filmed. It is possible to hear Kapone crying for “help.”

One Twitter user called the video as “terrible,” adding, “You laugh for a minute, and then you breath for assistance in the following minute.”

Kapone brought the awful news about Instagram that was now erased. He wrote a video dance by Indigenous Red Boy and titled the video: “LLINDIANREDD. I love you and I love you and thank you”

The gunman fled the area following the killing according to Hawthorne police Lt. Ti Goetz.

Goetz told Daily Breeze that “It seems like it was the walking shoot and it looks like he was targeted.”

The rapper could be targeted once the Nipsey Hussle mural has been apparently defaced. Several people of Twitter appeared convinced that Kapone betrayed his pal by preparing him for good.

Authorities are still looking for the person who shot Indian Red Boy and the Chicago police reportedly failed to make any arrests during KTS Dre’s assassination.

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