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Crane Collapses In A Construction Site, Killing Several People In Canada

Crane Collapses In A Construction Site, Killing Several People In Canada

On Monday, a crane fell on persons who were nearby, causing a tragic accident.

Police have yet to confirm if those killed were personnel or passengers.

The area has been evacuated due to the unstable structure.

The crane collapsed into a nearby structure and a residence on Monday morning, according to the developer.

The incident occurred around 10.45am PT (5.45pm GMT) in downtown Brooklyn, British Columbia, Canada.

So far, authorities have reported “several verified fatalities,” but have not specified how many.

Variable injuries” were also reported by three patients.

At least one individual is also missing, according to Inspector Adam MacIntosh.

“It appeared like the crane was moving, but it was coming down,” witness Krista Roessing told CBC.

She then detailed calling 911 as people raced to help.

Construction workers advised people to move aside, and emergency services arrived quickly.

The shock, she said. “It’s a challenge.”

She reported she observed a “big pile of dust” when the cran fell.

“I was genuinely just praying and crying,” she added.

The area has been blocked off for the investigation, with WorkSafeBC and BC investigating the incident.

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Several workers were near the crane when it toppled, according to Insp MacIntosh.

“The region remains unstable and risky,” he said.

Residents and cars were asked to avoid a four-block area.

Downtown power was knocked out, and traffic was diverted away from the crash.

A structural engineer is examining the area’s re-saft

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