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Couple’s Tonic: Five Ways To Maintain Fidelity In Marriage

Couple’s Tonic: Five Ways To Maintain Fidelity In Marriage

Every couple desires to have a marriage that both partners are faithful and committed. Fidelity is defined as the complete commitment, trust, and respect between husband and wife. It is also the quality of reliability and trustworthiness to one’s partner.

Ways To Maintain Fidelity In Marriage Are As Follows

1. Loyal Spouses Use The Internet And Social Media In Positive And Uplifting Ways: They keep their interactions with members of the opposite sex appropriate and distanced. They keep their eyes, hands, and hearts to themselves. They avoid tempting situations. They focus instead on using the internet and social media in positive ways. They avoid pornography and other inappropriate images, chats rooms, and websites that would cause them to be unfaithful to their spouse in their heart or mind.

2. Loyal Spouses Are Respectful Of Each Other – In Private And In Person: Loyal spouses listen carefully and attentively to each other. They don’t let their loyalty lie with the TV, with their phone, or with their computer. Loyal spouses always speak highly of each other, especially when their spouses aren’t around. You know the all-too-easy temptation to poke fun at something silly your wife did during your golf trip- don’t do it.

3. Loyal Spouses Stand Up For Each Other: Loyal spouses stand up for each other in all situations. Is someone making fun of your wife or making a cutting remark over dinner? Don’t laugh, politely ask them to knock it off, and then share something you love about your wife. For example, “You don’t know what you are talking about…

4. Loyal Spouses Keep Private Things Private: Loyal spouses keep certain things just between the two of them. Ladies, this means that you need to keep your distance from your mom regarding relationship issues (don’t push her away, just keep a healthy distance). Mom doesn’t need to know every detail about your intimate life, your financial situation, or your little disagreement last night. Mom is no longer your go-to person, your husband is. Loyal spouses are also careful not to turn co-workers, friends, or online connections to discuss private issues. Sure, at times it may be necessary to confide in a professional counselor but that probably wouldn’t include your cube -mate.

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5. Strengthening Marital Fidelity

Marital fidelity is strengthened when you affirm your spouse, listen to your spouse, and seek to meet his or her nerds. It is also strengthened when you set healthy boundaries for your media consumption and your relationships outside of the home.


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