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Dangers Of Drinking Cold Water Regularly

Dangers Of Drinking Cold Water Regularly

Water is good for the body. Anytime you take water in a day, know that it has its’ own benefit but there are dangers waiting in the body system when you take cold water regularly.

Most individuals love to consume chilled liquids, especially after a sunny hectic day. However, we need to know how to minimize the rate at which we take in cold drinks.

According to Natural Law, our normal body temperature is about 98.6 degrees F. If we raise temperature a few degrees, the body starts to show signs of distress and we say we have a fever. We try hard to return to homeostasis or normal functioning. Experts have said drinking chilled water regularly could have negative impact on the heart and the digestive system.

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Food and healthy living expert say that cold water is at a temperature that contradicts the overall temperature within the body system. Even though cold drinks or water has many health benefits, drinking ice water or chilled water can only give temporary relief and drinking ice water regularly has its downside.

If regular drinking of cold water has become a habit for you, kindly change it.

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