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El-Rufai Asked To Resign by CAN and HURIWA Over Incapability To Handle Baptist Students Kidnap

El-Rufai Asked To Resign by CAN and HURIWA Over Incapability To Handle Baptist Students Kidnap

The Kaduna State Governor, Nasir el-Rufai, has been called upon to resign from his position as governor because of an increase in security in the state.

It is said that the calls came from the governor failing to fulfill his security officer duties, as well as his refusal to make any deals with kidnappers.

At Bethel Baptist School, Bethel Church Kaduna, in Maraban Rido, and in Chikun Local Council of Kaduna State, 26 pupils were kidnapped by armed bandits yesterday.

In addition to the events yesterday, the Kaduna police force confirmed that the bandits were being pursued by security personnel.

The leader of the CAN Kaduna chapter, Reverend Joseph Hayab, told reporters that pupils registered in the dormitory before the kidnapping were 180, adding that 174 could not be accounted for.

If he was unable to oversee the security of the state, he advised the governor to resign. However, El-Rufai has called the attack a ‘disastrous’ and ‘devilish’ thing for the world.

“The governor is following the developments and getting situation reports hourly.”

BLAMING President Muhammadu Buhari and Kaduna State Governor El-Rufai for the kidnappings of students in northern Nigeria, HURIWA criticized the lack of clear and immediate military action to remove the threat.

Emmanuel Onwubiko, National Coordinator of HURIWA, said in a statement that the kidnappers were being treated better than those who were abducted. He criticized the government of El-Rufai, who used political points to gain support while secretly withdrawing his son from a public school.

If it can be proved that El-Rufai has any shred of shame remaining, he should resign forthwith as governor, as he has clandestinely taken these children and tried to address his actions by contradicting his first statements, stating that kidnappers were shooting for them. In the days that followed, these terrorists kidnapped several children from low-income families, HURIWA explained.

While investigating, however, the authorities learned that a previous effort to abduct children of Living Faith Academy, in Kaduna, had been successfully stopped by security agents, who had responded to a distress call from the school’s administration. As a result, the school made the request to have children leave the building.

When the armed men came upon the academy and saw that students were not in session, they smashed the outer fence.
Parents were told on Friday that all the kids from the hostel would need to be picked up by Sunday.

Once the news of the kidnapping of students of Bethel Baptist spread, military personnel went there to confront the bandits.

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