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Eniola Badmus Appointed SA To House Of Representative Speaker


Eniola Badmus Appointed SA To House Of Representative Speaker

Eniola Badmus, a Nollywood actress, is said to have entered politics after being hired as Tajudeen Abbas’s assistant in the Nigerian House of Representatives.

Tajudeen Abbas has appointed Eniola Badmus to the position of Special Assistant for Social Events and Public Hearings.

On Friday, May 10, 2024, footage of Eniola Badmus receiving her appointment letter and her swearing-in ceremony quickly went viral online, creating a stir in the internet community.

Eniola tricked her fans with a post that appeared to tease the impending revelation before the news made headlines, piqueing their interest and making them eager for additional information.

Addressing her critics head-on, the stunning star highlighted her tenacious hustling spirit

I have been a hustler my whole life, you crãzy af if you think I’m not going to get it,” Eniola wrote.

 Congratulations on this new opportunity! This career move is a perfect fit for you, I’m so excited on your behalf.

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