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Have Faith In The Words And Works Of Jesus


Have Faith In The Words And Works Of Jesus

Jeremiah 20:10-13
John 10:31-42

In today’s first reading, Jeremiah is being persecuted by the people for doing good deed but he places his trust in God and still praises Him. It is a reminder of Jesus who is soon to be arrested and who will also pray to the Father for guidance and strength while never abandoning faith in the Father.

In today’s gospel, Jesus was about to be stoned by some of the Jews for speaking the truth. He, like Jeremiah, is under God’s protection and so He’s saved from them until the hour of His glory. We too will be saved and supported from all opposition if we turn to God in confidence and continue to praise Him all our days. But we must not forget Him when things are going well for us.

Jesus was consecrated by the Father to a special task and He was sent into the world to carry out his Father’s mission. Have you been a faithful witness for Christ? Or do you only hear the Word & forget about it? Or afraid of being persecuted? How has God used you to help others in their need?

God knows and sets in-motion our salvation long before we even realize we’re in need.  God is there, sending companions to help us on our journey.  God is there, trying to reach us through the very experiences and encounters of our daily lives — our every single moment… if only we would listen.Believe in Jesus and you shall be saved.

Fr Joseph Osho

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