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Hey Ladies! Ways To Know He Is Telling Lies

Hey Ladies! Ways To Know He Is Telling Lies

For every good reason there is to lie, always note that there is a better reason, to tell the truth. People say that there is no perfect boyfriend but I say there is a perfect boyfriend and even a perfect husband.

Rossydiva believes a perfect boyfriend or husband doesn’t drink, doesn’t smoke, doesn’t cheat and he is not a woman beater. To crown it all, he doesn’t lie! You are free to argue it out.
The key to a successful relationship with your spouse is not to catch them lying but it is to understand the motive behind the lies…lol

Sometimes some partners consider lying to be a normal thing but I feel it should not be a habitual thing.
Below are some signs you need to take note of when he or she becomes a habitual liar.

1. During interrogation or probably when you are trying to get some fact from him or her, you will notice that he might not feel comfortable looking into your eyes, or sometimes he might start fidgeting…
Someone said to me, why interrogate your man in the first place…. Maybe it’s my style of finding out a truth that might hurt….Dunno

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2. He sounds defensive. A liar will always want to be defensive when speaking with you. Not in all cases though. They tend to get angry at every slightest thing to enable you to change the topic and avoid the question regarding the lies. What can you do when this happens?

3. He talks too much. When he does, a clever person might get the truth from what he says, sometimes a liar forgets what he or she has said in a hurry. Isn’t this an interesting fact? Has this happened to you before? I know it has … lol

The truth is, you cannot constantly lie and expect people to keep on trusting you. You need to change from telling lies and stick to telling the truth. Some lies will keep the relationship intact no doubt about that but it can’t be all the time. Know that lies are a temporary solution to a permanent problem.

Let the truth prevail. I think it’s the Male partners who lie more. But, come to think of it, we all are guilty of telling lies to our partners once in a while. So, which gender do you think lies more? The Female or the Male? Let’s argue on this. I’m eagerly waiting to hear your opinion.

Thank You!

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