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“I Don’t Plan To Get Married Again,” Said BBNaija Ka3na

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“I Don’t Plan To Get Married Again,” Said BBNaija Ka3na

Ka3na, a reality personality on Big Brother Naija, has clarified that she was still married to her late British spouse Jones at the time of his death, despite rumors to the contrary. Jones passed away last year.

She clarified that she was Jones’ legitimate and conventional spouse and that she is currently his widow.

The reality personality went on to say that she has no plans to remarry or take her late husband’s name off of her marriage.

She disclosed this in a statement shared via her Instagram page recently.

The statement reads: “Public Announcement: I believe it is necessary for me to clarify a misconception that has been circulating amongst the public. There are individuals who falsely claim that I was divorced from my late husband prior to his untimely passing.

“This is entirely untrue. I was legally and traditionally married to Mr. Jones, and I am now his widow. I have no intention of remarriage or changing my marital status by dropping my husband’s name.

“I kindly request that everyone respects this statement and refrains from spreading any form of misinformation.”

Remarriage has lots of legal quirks and twists for people. Social Security, for one. A change in your marital status could impact what you receive as a widow.

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