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“I Have A Good Wife In Sa” Lincon Goes On Ig Live To Insult Wife Bolanle (Pepper Dem), Women, And The Men Supporting His Wife

“I Have A Good Wife In Sa” Lincon Goes On Ig Live To Insult Wife Bolanle (Pepper Dem), Women, And The Men Supporting His Wife

Abiodun Lincon, the husband of video Vixen, Bolanle (Pepper Dem), has revealed that he has a good wife in South Africa while calling Bolanle a “yeye baby mama”.

In a lengthy IG live video, Abiodun Lincon, who threw Bolanle out of their home last night after less than 6 months of marriage and 2 months after they welcomed their son (read here), called Bolanle names, including a “bitch”, “thief”, and “oloorun” (meaning that she’s dirty).

He said Bolanle is just a baby mama who he married out of pity. He added that she’s a second wife and his first wife, a good woman, is in South Africa.

He said their marriage was just for clout.

He insulted the women supporting Bolanle, calling them 50k bleached prostitutes. He then cursed the men taking her side that they will have a marriage like the one he had with Bolanle.

“Told y’all not to f**k with Lincon,” he wrote in the live video.

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Lincon also called Bolanle a “yeye baby mama”.

“Bye Bye to yeye baby mama,” he wrote, remixing Zlatan Ibile’s Pepper Dem song that Bolanle featured it.

Recall that last night, Lincoln Abiodun livestreamed himself sending his wife packing.

He claimed she was violent and destructive then mentioned that her father also ran and left her mother.

So, far, Bolanle hasn’t said anything

Abiodun Lincon and Bolanle got married in February 2021, less than 6 months ago. They have a son who just turned 2 months old.

Source: LIB

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