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Relationship Expert Reveals Three Lines To Make Men M@d


Relationship Expert Reveals Three Lines To Make Men M@d

A lady who calls herself a relationship expert has revealed easy techniques to ‘humble’ three different types of men and make them ‘crazy’ over her.

American Courtney Shields claimed to be well-known for being the “best” flirt and manipulating men.

The dating guru made the decision to provide the top three sentences that are guaranteed to make an impression.

“This is what you say if you want to be unforgettable,” Courtney said in a video.

“The trick is to flirt but to do it in a slightly mean way that gets under their skin. It’s funny if there’s a bit of irony mixed in.”

  1. The athletic guy or ‘gym bro’

“Use this on someone who is very athletic, or looks like he cares about his appearance and being sporty,” she advised.

“You look at him and say: ‘You look like a big pickleball guy’.”

Pickleball is a sport that combines tennis and ping pong and is played on a field using paddle boards.

Courtney stated that a man will be ‘confused’ by the phrase and will not know if you are complimenting him or dismissing him.

“It’s a bit of a mixed bag – because he’ll never know what you’re really saying,” she said.

  1. For someone with a reputation of being a ‘player’.

“If you want him to view you differently, you don’t need to play hard to get – you need to be hard to get,” she said.

“Suppose you’ve talking and flirting for a couple of hours – you need to then stop, look at him in the eyes, and say: ‘This is going to be hard for you’.”

Courtney mentioned that he’ll question you about it later, which is when you explain that ‘not getting what [he] wants’ will be a difficult pill for him to swallow.

“You can’t give him what he wants after this,” she said.

  1. The tall guy

“When men are tall – over 6ft – they’re used to meeting everyone’s height requirements and they’re quite confident,” Courtney said.

“But we are here to humble them. You can’t say this to someone short because it will come out as rude, and we’re trying to be playful.

“Look at him and say: ‘I remember you being a little taller’.”

Courtney revealed that the man will ‘drive himself crazy’ because he is already tall – and that is part of the fun.

The relationship expert cautioned that the words should be delivered with confidence and a smile.

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