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I Will Never Discipline My Children With A Cane – Yomi Casual

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I Will Never Discipline My Children With A Cane – Yomi Casual

Celebrity fashion designer Omoniyi Yomi Makun, better known by his stage name Yomi Casual, has disclosed that he does not discipline his children with a cane when they make mistakes.

In an interview, Yomi revealed this while also stating that he occasionally spanks the children in addition to reprimanding them verbally most of the time.

The father of two clarified that he tries to help them understand why what they did was bad and why they should never do it again rather than only reprimanding them.

The designer is also of the opinion that the children know that they did something inappropropriate which is why they are already scared before one screams at them.

Yomi Casual said; “For me, I’m not the kind of person who uses my hand or cane on a child. There are several ways to correct your child when they err. I’m very good with my words so I used my words to correct them a lot. That doesn’t mean that I don’t spank.

I spank once in a while and when it’s necessary. Whenever they are wrong, I have to show them their wrongs. I have to make them understand their wrongs. I don’t just scold them for what they have done. I have to show them how wrong it is and they have to see the wrong in what they have done.

Funnily enough, those kids know what they do. I don’t know how it is but if you say it, people will look at you like a mad person. But I feel like they know what they do because before you react or even scream at them, they are already scared. They run away, start shaking and start apologising for their wrongs. That means they knew what they did was wrong but still did them as kids.”

Strict disciplinarian rules of a household can never change your child’s behaviour. When a child feels constrained, your care and concern for them may be misinterpreted as “treating them like a prisoner” and this notion will follow them all the way to adulthood.

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