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If I’m Still Unmarried By 35, I Want To Adopt Children – Selena Gomez


If I’m Still Unmarried By 35, I Want To Adopt Children – Selena Gomez

American singer and actress Selena Gomez has disclosed that, should she remain unmarried at the age of 35, she intends to adopt children.

The 31-year-old claimed that after going five years without dating, she came up with the scheme last year when she started dating musician and songwriter Benny Blanco.

The former Disney actress discussed her early experiences with loneliness and what made her feel better about not being in a relationship in a recent interview with Time Magazine.

“I was alone for five years, and I got really used to it,” she said.

“A lot of people are afraid of being alone and I probably tortured myself in my head for like two years being alone, and then I kind of accepted it. Then I came up with my plan, which was I was going to adopt at 35 if I had not met anyone.”

The singer said her current relationship with Blanco happened when she least expected it.

To adopt a child is a great work of love. When it is done, much is given, but much is also received. It is a true exchange of gifts.

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