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Selena Gomez Vows Never To Watch Her Mental Health Documentary Again


Selena Gomez Vows Never To Watch Her Mental Health Documentary Again

Going through mental health challenges is a very difficult time of one’s life.

American singer; Selena Gomez has vowed to never watch her mental health documentary “My Mind and Me,” because it’s “so hard” to watch.

The candid film for Apple TV Plus featured the 31-year-old pop star/actress’s personal and professional struggles. It covered her 2016 breakdown, her time in a treatment facility, her diagnosis of bipolar disorder, and later struggles with mental health issues. Gomez has since revealed she was hesitant to make the film out of concern that it would endanger her career.

She revealed this during a Tuesday speech at the Music and Health Conference of Thrive Global in Los Angeles: “I was very against it. There was a very long period of time where I just didn’t know if it was a good idea. I knew, eventually, one day I wanted to maybe just be an actress for a while, and I didn’t know if it would jeopardize things in my life.

“I don’t know what I’m doing, letting people into my life. And then the moment it was released … I had no choice at that point. And I was relieved. I felt like a huge weight was lifted.”

However, Gomez admitted she couldn’t bring herself to watch it again. She added: “I felt like I got to say things that I’ve been keeping in for years. It’s very hard for me to watch. I will never watch it again, but I’m very proud of it. I couldn’t have been luckier to have the people that worked on it with me.”

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Gomez also discussed her relationship with social media during the visit, saying that she isn’t concerned with the number of followers but rather the “heavy” responsibility of supporting her followers during difficult moments.

She said: “I’ve never really cared about that stuff [social media]. I suppose I’m grateful for the platform, and I would love to continue to use it for what I’m able to do, but numbers are just numbers.”

Gomez added: “It can be a little heavy. I feel for people, and I think that’s what kind of keeps me in check, to be honest. I think I can be a little reckless with my emotions and having conversations with young people, and women who are going through divorces or going through chemo – it’s not just about me, and I’m fully aware of that. I will just always cherish it. It’s a big responsibility, though. It’s a little scary.”

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