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Imo Chief Priest Declares War Against Alvan Ikoku Federal College Over Alleged Killing Of Ancestral Python

Imo Chief Priest Declares War Against Alvan Ikoku Federal College Over Alleged Killing Of Ancestral Python

An Owerri-based traditional Chief Priest, Reginald Ejiogu, has vowed a spiritual war on the authorities of the Alvan Ikoku Federal College of Education as well as students at the institution over the death of a python.

A python, which was alleged to have swallowed two goats on the campus recently, was killed by the students of the college, according to reports.

When the Chief Priest became aware of the occurrence, he immediately raised an alarm, claiming that the institution had murdered the ancestral python of Owerri and threatened that no one would get away with killing the python without appeasement.

According to reports, Reginald Ejiogu, the Chief Priest issued the institution a seven-day deadline to come in for appeasement, failing to do so, a tragedy would befall the institution’s officials as well as the pupils present on school grounds.

However, according to Vanguard, the institution has rejected the demand for appeasement, instead opting for prayers to ward off the attacks as the deadline for appeasement expired on Wednesday, July 28, 2021.

On the other hand, it was said that the institution had already undertaken week-long prayer sessions in order to prepare itself against any invasion by the ancestors of Owerri.

This has caused unrest in the school area and other sections of Owerri, as the Chief Priest has insisted that anyone engaged in the killing of the Owerri ancestral python without appeasement will be killed by the ancestral powers.

An attempt was made by daily post to contact the school administration for a comment on the development through Tony Ololoh, it’s Public Relations Officer, which was unsuccessful as of the time this article was published on May 1.

Calls were also made to contact imo State Police Public Relations Officer, SP Godson Orlando, who also was unable to take his calls.

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