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In Difficult Times, God Manifests His Unconditional Love


In Difficult Times, God Manifests His Unconditional Love

Friday of the 2nd week of Lent 

Genesis 37:3-4,12-13,17-28
Matthew 21:33-43, 45-4

Jacob loved Joseph so much. He even flaunts it before the entire family. This led to the hatred for Joseph. Parents should guide against turning their children against themselves by loving all their children and being prudent in their preference for one over another.

Matthew Henry states, “Where envy reigns, pity is banished, and humanity itself is forgotten.” And Proverbs 27:4 tells us, Wrath is cruel, and anger is outrageous; but who is able to stand before envy? 

In our story we see brothers driven by envy to plot the death of their own brother, even as he desperately pleaded for his life! Genesis41. 21. God’s love is unconditional and we see later that the reason why God preserved Joseph’s life was because of his love for Israel and his faithfulness to keep the covenant.

In the parable that Jesus shares in the gospel of today, we see a group of people (tenants) grasping at things that do not belong to them. Even the Pharisees could see what the result would be.

Consequently, it is interesting to note that the judgment that Jesus talks about on them is not only that they will lose their positions, their influence, or their prestige. No, they will lose something much more precious they will lose the kingdom of God – The peace that comes from living in the presence of God. Jesus says the kingdom will be given over to the family of humankind.

In the same way, Jesus is saying every woman, man, and child is given the kingdom if he/she accepts him as the cornerstone of his/her life. Eternal life is not preserved for those with special training, for a particular race, with economic status, with a color of skin, or any other of the myriad ways we divide our family.

Jesus is the living and foundation stone that proves that God is with us. And, it seems, it is only those who would deny God to others who will be rejected and lose the kingdom.

  1. Just as Joseph was beloved by Jacob -his Father Gen 37:3. So also in Matthew 3:17 Jesus is the beloved of God the Father.
  2. They were sent to their brothers. Gen 37:13-14, Luke 20:13, Hebrews 2:12.
  3. They were both taken to Egypt Gen. 37:28 —Matt2:14-15
  4. They were stripped of their robes. Gen 37:23 — John 19:23-24.
  5. For Joseph, his brothers buy into the idea of selling him so when the Midianite traders come by, they pull Joseph up out of the cistern and sell him into slavery for twenty shekels of silver. The Midianites then continue on their way to Egypt. Jesus was sold, for 30 pieces of silver, by one of his brothers. Both the price of a slave(Matthew 26:14-16, Mark 14:10-11, Luke 22:3-6, Zechariah 11:12-13) Just as Joseph was raised from the prison house of darkness and despair to the highest place in Pharaoh’s kingdom, so, too, was Jesus raised from the grave and given the highest place in the universe. Phil 2:8-10.

In all, we see that Joseph and Jesus even though they were patient in trials, faithful in their fame and forgiving in their actions they had a conviction that they were directed by a loving and compassionate God. We too must be focus in our mission. We too will be rejected or persecuted but we must aim at the goal and get it done. Nothing must interfere. Nothing must come between our love for God and his commands.

Anyone who belongs to God is saved from peril, harm, and woe. Teach us how to be instruments of your peace and builders of your kingdom here on earth. May we remember to be of service to all who we encounter, and to become fruitful regardless of our relationship according to human ideas.

Happy New Month! May you March on to glory!

Fr Joseph Osho

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