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IVF Blunder: Woman ‘Gives Birth To Wrong Child’ Searches For Her Baby

IVF Blunder: Woman ‘Gives Birth To Wrong Child’ Searches For Her Baby

A Russian woman has raised an alarm after she discovered that she had given birth to another person’s child after a fertility clinic impregnated her with the wrong embryonic in an IVF blunder.

Olga Alyokhina, 33, from Chelyabinsk in Russia, is desperately trying to find out if her baby was born to another woman. She suspects that the biological parents of her son Denis, now two, may be raising her child.

According to Metro News; Olga Alyokhina revealed the nightmare embryo swap in an attempt to find a woman she met at an IVF clinic who she believes may have been mistakenly given her fertilized egg.

She’d chosen to undergo IVF due to difficulty becoming pregnant with second husband Ivan Alyokhin.

‘The day I went in for the extraction of biomaterial, I met a woman in the same ward,’ she said.

‘We exchanged a few words but I just cannot remember her name. She said 10 eggs were picked up from her, the same as me.

‘We met again at the “insemination”, sharing the same ward…I have not seen her since.’

Olga gave birth in November 2018 to Denis, who was nine weeks premature.

Before leaving the hospital, the new mum became surprised at her son’s blood group – A.

My blood type is B, my husband has O. Our son cannot have such a blood type,’ she said.

‘The doctor assured me it was technically possible. I googled her the scheme which shows that our blood types cannot lead to a child with A .’

She said: ‘My life turned upside down. I was in a deep state of shock and panic. I howled for the whole day but could not tell the reason to anyone.’

The doctors took new blood tests and a DNA test, with the results ready three months after she gave birth.

‘We got a call from the hospital, and went in. We were told neither of us was the biological parents of our son.’

At this point, the hospital suggested she should leave the boy in an orphanage, but Olga pledged to accept him and raise him as her child.

IVF Blunder: Woman ‘Gives Birth To Wrong Child’ Searches For Her Baby Agnesisika blog

The hospital has refused to divulge the name of the other woman in Olga’s ward, or any other IVF mother who may have been wrongly implanted with her egg.

‘We could potentially relocate to where they live. Or they would re-locate close to us.

‘I think there is no chance we will swap the kids back. I would never give up Denis. I breastfed him. He is our long-awaited child.

His biological parents could have Denis on holidays if they felt like it. I just want to establish a relationship with them.’

Although Olga has been paid £29,500 compensation by the state-run Chelyabinsk Regional Perinatal Center where she underwent the procedure but she is still searching for the other woman who is likely carrying her child.

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