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READINGS – Genesis 41:55-57.42:5-7.17-24: Joseph revealed himself to his brothers

Psalm: 33(34): Taste and see the Lord is good.

Matthew 10:1-7: You have received without charge: give without charge.


Today is my priestly ordination anniversary, and coincidentally, we are listening to the story of Joseph and his brothers. Joseph’s story is a story of trust and hope in God. God’s power was over him till his dreams came to be. He became the Prime Minister of Egypt next to the ruler of Egypt-Pharaoh. What God cannot do does not exist. God made Joseph’s dream over his brothers came to pass. The best place to start the dream of success is in an agreement between you and God about your life about your vocation, about what your work is and what you hope to accomplish. With His leading in your life, you begin to move into it and work with it until it takes the shape of His blessing.

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Again, what goes around comes around. They wanted to kill Joseph but he put rescued them from starvation. They sold Joseph as a slave to the caravan going to Egypt but he freed them from prison, gave them provisions and the land of Goshen to dwell. God expect us to treat ourselves with love not hatred; with kindness not cruelty with compassion and not biases or sentiments. God wants the best for us and wants the best from us. We have received the power of God through our baptism in Christ, we share in the threefold functions of Christ; as king we establish His kingdom, as prophet we proclaim the Good News and as priest we pray through Christ Our Lord.

As I celebrate my priestly ordination anniversary today may your love be upon us we place all our hope in Him.

Please, pray for me!
Thank you for your prayers!

Rev. Fr. Joseph Osho, OSJ.


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