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Kukah Says After Meeting Tinubu That His One Year In Office Is Not Enough To Judge His Performance


Kukah Says After Meeting Tinubu That His One Year In Office Is Not Enough To Judge His Performance

According to Reverend Matthew Kukah, the bishop of the Sokoto Catholic Diocese, President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s government cannot be evaluated based only on his first year in office.

The Founder of the Kukah Center revealed this when he visited Tinubu at the Presidential Villa in Abuja, as reported by the National Television Authority on Wednesday.

Shortly after his meeting with Tinubu, Kukah addressed reporters from the State House and stated that although the administration is offering answers to the many problems, Nigerians must be given an idea of when they might expect to feel some relief.

But he asserted that the government must inform Nigerians of when it will make repairs.

Stating that Nigerians are in various levels of pains, he said! “I’m sure that many people will tell you that one year is not enough to make a judgement. However, from where we all stand, we know that we are all in a very difficult situation.

“Nigerians are in various levels of pain and they are pains that are unintended. But, they are as a result of certain policy decisions that hopefully, with time, can be amended in order to serve the welfare of ordinary people.”

He said it is the responsibility of the government to ensure better living conditions and security of the citizens.

“I believe that the essence of government is to guarantee the welfare and security of ordinary citizens. I believe that the times that we are in are very very difficult times, and nobody should be under any illusion.

“But, there are also times for renewal. We just need to commit ourselves to the fact that building a good society takes a lot of time. It’s not something that is done in one lifetime. And for me, the most important thing is for us to continue on the building blocks of the things that we think are being done well.

“My argument has always been that the government needs to very quickly improve the quality of communication so that Nigerians can at least get a sense of how long it is going to be before food is ready,” Bishop Kukah explained.

I personally feel the government needs to reassure us that things will take shape soon.

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